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The swimming pool is open between 7am and 10pm.
Access is by an electronic fob. Each flat was provided with one fob. if you lose it the cost of a replacement is £20. Please get in touch with KFH if you need a new one.
The pool is monitored by CCTV cameras and anyone seen abusing the facilities is liable to have their access suspended for a period.
Refuse should be placed in the appropraite bins. Normal bin collections are made every Tuesday.
Recycling bins are provided in the corner between blocks 1 and 2. Please ask the caretaker if you don't know where this is.
If you have bulky items for disposal, please arrange for their collection by Lewisham Council. The telephone number for this is 020 8314 717. Please inform the caretaker if you leave items out to be collected.
No refuse is to be left anywhere else on or within the common parts.
Please do not allow strangers into any part of the building under any pretext. We would suggest that no resident should be embarrassed or inhibited about questioning people who are trying to get into the building.
Please ensure that the the entrance doors are firmly shut on entering and leaving the property. It is very easy if you are in a hurry not to ensure the door is closed but we would ask you to bear in mind that prospective burglars are waiting for just this to happen.
In the event of losing your keys or your swimming pool fob please inform KFH immediately.