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As the management company, it is our responsibility to ensure that these are carried out.
Please note that this is only a guide. Please refer to your lease or to us for comprehensive details.
To manage, maintain and repair the structure and common parts of the building.
To arrange, supervise and review the services and all service contracts in relation to the building.
To make suitable arrangements in respect of refuse disposal.
To employ appropriate staff to ensure the smooth running and maintenance of the building.
To ensure the buildings are properly insured and to make and process insurance claims on behalf of Lessee in relation to that insurance.
To maintain up-to-date management accounts in respect of service charges and any reserve or other funds kept for the purpose of major works, such as external decorations.
Before the start of each financial year, to estimate service charge expenditure for the building, to send service charge accounts (to include reserve fund contributions) to each lessee and to take all steps necessary to ensure thepayment of those service charge accounts.
At the end of each financial year, to prepare final accounts and arrange for them to be audited and then circulated, together with any balancing charges or credits to be made.
To maintain all necessary bank accounts in respect of the building, to certify and settle all invoices properly rendered and approved in relation to the running of the building.
To deal with all enquiries, in correspondence or otherwise, in relation to management and service charge matters and in relation to the assignment of flats within the building.