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Please note that this is only a guide. Please refer to your lease or to us for comprehensive details.
You are responsible for everything within your own flat (including the doors and windows), the insurance of anything not part of the building and any works that need to be carried out within the flat. This includes particularly the plumbing to your flat. Leaks and other overflows can have a devastating effect on those living below you.
Your other obligations are:-
To pay promptly any ground rent and your share of service charge expenditure, including reserve fund contributions.
To pay all rates, taxes, charges etc. in relation to your flat.
To repair and maintain your flat in good condition and to decorate internally.
To comply with all requirements of any local or other competent authority in relation to your flat.
Not to carry out any alterations to your flat without the previous written consent of the landlord and not to carry out any structural works or works which would alter the external appearance of the building.
To use the flat as a single private dwelling only.
Not to conduct any business or profession from your flat.
To comply with any regulations which the landlord may make from time to time.
Not to do anything which may become a nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to others connected with the building. Please note that any use of communal areas should not cause disturbance to other residents of the development.
Not to keep any dangerous or flammable substances (such as petrol or Calor gas) within your flat.
Not to deposit any rubbish in the common parts except in the receptacles provided. Please note that the dumping of large items in the bin storesis not permitted.
Not to leave any obstrucions (such as prams or bikes) in the common parts of the building.
Not to do or permit anything to be done which would adversely affect the buildings insurance policy.
To place your refuse in the receptacles provided and not to throw rubbish, rags or other refuse into sinks, basins, lavatories etc. where it may cause a blockage.
Not to play any musical instrument, TV or stereo between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. and not to make any noise so as to cause annoyance to others at any time.
Not to hang from any window or on any balcony, clothes, washing, etc. so as to be visible from the exterior of the building.
Not to fix to the outside of the building any aerial, satellite dish or burglar alarm.
To park your car in your allcoated parking space. Note: these are numbered plus two from your flat number. For example flat 100's parking space is numbered 102.
Pets are not permitted except with the written consent of the Management Company. Such consent may be withdrawn if the pet proves to be a disturbance to occupiers of other flats.